Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Many leading companies are choosing AfricarTrack Int’l to enhance their fleet management and gain valuable business insights. Combining advanced, real-time vehicle tracking with powerful analytical software, our fleet management software is one of the most trusted business analysis packages available in the marketplace. Not only does the system enable companies to better manage their fleet operations through improved visibility and control, but it also unlocks valuable business knowledge that can be utilized to implement further cost-effective measures.

Does this sound like your fleet?

  • Misuse of vehicles…
  • Mixed information…
  • Driver bad behaviour…
  • Arguments over accident responsibility…
  • Low efficiency and high cost...
  • Cumbersome fleet record keeping….
  • Unauthorized use of vehicles past outlined working hours and weekends….
  • Losing track of driver and vehicle reports

You just found the solution.
Our system helps your monitor, control and manage your fleet from the comfort of your office, hotel room, home or anywhere in the world using your phone or PC.


  1. Switch off/immobilize all the company vehicles once the company offices are closed at the end of the day to ensure the company vehicles won’t be used for unofficial purposes without due authorization.
  2. Replay all the routes used by each car, including areas it was parked and for how long it stayed at the parking, towns it visited, cities etc
  3. Geofence- Receive alerts any time any of the vehicles goes outside the pre-determined route or geographic zone.
  4. The system shows which driver on the fleet map is closest to a customer or a particular point of interest for better routing and decreased fuel costs.
  5. The system also generates a tabular speed report indicating the speed each car travelled at, recorded at intervals of one minute throughout the day.
  6. Additionally, the system notifies the operation office anytime any of the vehicles over-speeds past a pre-determined speed.
  7. The system identifies and consequently records each driver entering each vehicle by scanning a special ID given to each driver or a password.
  8. You will also be able to listen to what’s been said inside each car as well as take photos of the people inside each vehicle.
  9. The system generates a Mileage Report indicating the distance covered by each vehicle in a specified period of time.
  10. In case a vehicle is stolen or is been misused, you will be able to stop it using any phone or the internet.
  11. Real time tracking – The person responsible for fleet monitoring can at all-time see each car’s location and its speed.
  12. Our Stolen Vehicle Recovery Tool is the best

Fleet Reporting

AfricarTrack Int’l offers a clear and concise fleet reporting package in the Advanced Fleet Monitoring System providing an overview of key performance data to better manage your fleet. Different reports are generated, scheduled and issued, with a range of flexible delivery options and easy to understand numerical, graph, and table formats which can be easily exported to pdf and excel worksheets for printing purposes. These reports are auto-generating and are recorded after every one minute and consequently kept for more than 6 months within the system, therefore no more need for manual fleet-related book recording. This enables operational data to be effectively analyzed and therefore, critical business intelligence can be quickly shared across an organization.

Some of the Fleet reports/functions include:

  1. Immobilization of the company vehicles.The system, with authorization of the Fleet Manager, switches off/immobilizes all the company vehicles once the company offices are closed at the end of the day. This function enables the company to immobilize the vehicles at 5pm until 8am the next day and during the weekends. The vehicles will not ignite until they are re-activated the next day in the morning or after a weekend. This way, the company is sure the vehicles won’t be used for unofficial purposes without due authorization.
  2. Periodic Road/Journey Replay – This is a rewind or play back of all the roads each car passed on a map including areas the car was parked and the period of time it said at the parking, the actual speeds it travelled on each road and the towns it visited. This can be replayed over and over and can as well be printed out for administrative purposes.
  3. Route and geo-fence Report- This function helps the company administration know anytime any of the vehicles goes outside the preset area or road. For example, if your preset Geo-fence is Nairobi, any time your car moves out of Nairobi, it records it in a report. It also sends you an SMS and email notifying you of this.
  4. Proximity Report - The system shows which driver on the fleet map is closest to a customer allows or a particular point of interest for better routing and decreased fuel costs.
  5. Speed Report- A report that indicates the speed each vehicle travelled at, recorded at intervals of one minute throughout the day. This enables any person in the management to know which vehicle was over-speeding, at what point, for how long and which driver was with the vehicle. Additionally, if the company’s speed limit for the vehicles is for instance 80Km/hr, this is fed into the system and any time the car over-speeds past the set speed, it sends an alert to the control office/computer/logistics manager’s phone.
  6. Driver Identification – Before entering the car, the driver swipes an Identification Card (given to each driver) on a Card Reader installed inside the car. The system records all the driver’s details (name of the driver, contact details, employee ID number, license number, photo and ID number) automatically and sends them to the company’s logistics office. This makes it easy for the company to know who was driving the car at a particular date and time.
  7. Monitoring what is been said inside each car – With the system, you can listen to what is been said inside each of your cars.
  8. Mileage Report - A report indicating the distance covered by the vehicle in a specified period of time.
  9. You can take photos of the driver driving each car and the people inside the car using a camera installed inside the car. This way, the drives won’t carry unauthorized people inside the car.
  10. Insurance and Maintenance Reminders - They show insurance and maintenance activities including fees. The system also sends reminders to the owner’s computer and phone when insurance and maintenance dates are due.
  11. Real time tracking – The person responsible for fleet monitoring can at all-time see each car’s location and it’s speed.
  12. Ability to stop the vehicle by phone or internet in case of theft or car misuse. This function stops the car gradually to avoid causing any accidents.

Fleet Software

Bringing the ability to track and monitor all your vehicles from anywhere across the globe from your PC or even your phone is a dream for every fleet manager. With AfricarTrack’s fleet tracking software, it becomes a reality. Growing your fleet means never having to settle for an average business. You definitely want to maximize your efficiency, productivity and stay in the know in a competitive and ever-changing market. AfricarTrack can help. Our smart fleet management software equips small to large companies with powerful tools that help companies maintain all the relevant data for each vehicle for as long as they can.

AfricarTrack’s fleet tracking software delivers simple-to-use web-based fleet tracking tools that automate literally all the manual tasks, saving you time and money. The system is auto-recording, meaning that each vehicle updates all its details on the system after every one minute. The system records this and stores the records for each vehicle for more than one year. These innovative tools are made available to you over the cloud, with no complex hardware or software to install, manage or learn how to use.

The Right Solution for Your Business

Our award-winning fleet management software works beyond real-time location management, integrating fleet-analyzed data and providing the most efficient routing, safety and compliance solution that gives you the most benefits, including an increase in productivity, fuel efficiency, safety, security, and compliance.

Our fleet monitoring software is always available for you.

Our Monitoring software is available on both computers and telephone handsets and is accessible through any web browser. Such mobility leads to smarter and faster decisions, boosting business efficiency and enhancing customer service. AfricarTrack’s Monitoring Software provides customers with the most accurate real-time data around driver and vehicle behavior. Our fleet management system allows users to constantly monitor their vehicles in a variety of map views and data segmentations. The software’s real-time fleet management center provides continual monitoring over driver safety, vehicle locations, traffic conditions, route calculations and route arrival times.

Expand Your Fleet Tracking

AfricarTrack’s Fleet Monitoring software comes along with the latest wireless technology that delivers expanded nationwide coverage, more reliable connections even in rural areas, and faster network access.

Don’t Just Track the Location – Predict

Our Fleet Software captures mines and analyzes all vehicle-related data and location trends over time then serves up this information in easy-to-understand reports. Armed with these reports, you’ll not only be able to track the current location of your vehicles with greater speed and accuracy, you’ll also be able to predict vehicle locations. So instead of sending recovery agents to scour neighborhoods where vehicles might not be, you can direct them to the most probable locations based on real, hard data — instead of guesswork or unreliable information.

Fleet mobile App

AfricarTrack Mobile App is a real-time fleet management application that enables you to monitor your vehicles on your phone or tablet. This simple-to-use tracking app brings you the latest technology and innovation to ensure that your assets are always visible, making it an ideal solution when you are on the road or holiday, with no access to a laptop or PC.


  • Instant access to the exact positions and key statistics on Google Maps with satellite and StreetView™
  • Vehicle list provides a summary view of all assets with drill-down to detailed data
  • Journey summary and trip reports in both list or map views
  • Enables drivers to allocate business and private mileage status to their journeys


  • The full power of an industry leading tracking solution away from the office
  • Visibility and control over your vehicles when you are away from your desk and on the move
  • Quickly identify an appropriate employee to allocate nearest vehicle to a job
  • Boost productivity and reduce overheads