Intouch Motorbike

This is tailor made for Motor Cycles Tracking in case of theft and also to track and know the location of Motorbikes.
1. Exact location of a stolen Motorbike and Continuous Monitoring
2. User Name and Password to access the Intouch Global Online Motorbike Tracking System
3. Low battery alert
4. Current location report
5. Tracking by time interval
6. Built-in motion sensor for power saving
7. Track Via SMS and GPRS from Mobile Phone or Computer
8. Engine Cut Off directly from Mobile Phone or Computer
9. Setting of Custom Alerts such as Speeding Alerts
10. Internal Power Backup up to 3 days
11. Mileage Reports
12. Motorbike Location Using Mobile Phone
13. Power Disconnection Alert and Backup

Track Your Motor Cycle From Anywhere in Kenya Using Intouch Global Advanced Motor Cycle Tracking System If your company delivers products and services using motorbikes, we help you manage your drivers in order to guarantee on-time deliveries for maximum customer satisfaction. When the motorbike reaches your client’s location, you and your client get a notification via mobile application thus minimizing time wastage.

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