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A global leader Vehicle Tracking and Fleet management solutions by Intouch International in conjunction with AfricarTrack International present an innovative offering which suits fleets of varying sizes and types – from trucks to light commercial vehicles, Passenger Service Vehicles, school vehicles, to motorcycles..

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Vehicle Tracking

With AfricarTrack Int’l fleet tracking you will have complete visibility of your fleet – knowing where each vehicle is in real-time and how each driver is driving. This combined with standard reports will allow you as a business owner to run a more cost effective and efficient fleet.own text and edit me. It’s easy. .

Fleet Management

Whether you have a small or medium sized fleet in your business, you will face similar operational challenges. With our solution, you will have complete control and visibility of your fleet – knowing where each vehicle is in real-time and how each driver is driving. With comprehensive reports allows you to run a more cost effective and efficient fleet.

Fuel Monitoring

Our robust Fuel Monitoring System is accessible from anywhere and at any time. ​ You will experience and watch your revenues go up as your daily, weekly and monthly expenses go down.

Motorbike Tracking

We have a very unique Motorbike GPS Management System. Helps you track, manage and control all your motorbike(s) using the latest technology. Our security features prevent theft of the bike. In addition, if you are running a delivery business, our system helps you deliver faster thus cutting costs and maximum customer satisfaction.

School Bus Monitoring System

Are students always missing the bus?, Are parents worried that their kids aren’t getting on the bus?, Are drivers leaving the buses running needlessly?, Do your drivers have unsafe habits?, Do they have issues managing the bus?.

Support System

We are well known for offering the incomparable support systems to our clients and distributors. With a 24/7 hour customer service, technical support and training, we ensure you get value for money. We guarantee you to; Cut costs, Enhance safety, Increase productivity, Improve service, Customer satisfaction. For our resellers: Earn money as we support you.

We are award winners

Our award winning Intouch GPS Tracking and Fleet Management System product is now the industry leader and being adopted by thousands. ​We are committed to the purpose of helping companies and individuals manage their fleets in a simple and effective way, resulting in a clear increase in productivity, margins and quality of service.. Take Charge of Your Fleet Your fleet must be productive and efficient. Your people safe and customers well served. Join us Today….

Additional features

Alert on boundary breach

Geo-fencing notifies you.

Automatic logging

Full record of vehicle trips.


Live tracking showing the actual location.

Catch speeding vehicles

See speed of all vehicles, LIVE. Reduce accidents

Remote engine immobilizer

Kill ignition from anywhere using your phone. Prevent theft/unauthorized usage.

Detailed Reports

Comprehensive reports on mileage, fuel consumption, trips, speeds, driver behavior, locations, roads and routes, etc.

Travel paths

Live Speed and over-speeding

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AfricarTrack International is a leading global provider of GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions that are customized to fit unique clients’ demands

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