By signing up to be our distributor, you become part of the revolutionary world-changing products and services. You join the community of thousands of distributors around the globe of the best tracking device in the world. You start earning money, growing your revenues and business as we support you. We have the smallest tracking device in the market that is simple and easy to install.

How simple is the process?

We offer the quickest-installed GPS tracking devices on the market today. ​ Our devices take only minutes to install on each vehicle, minimizing the downtime that prove so costly with other fleet tracking solutions. Once installed, the devices immediately start communicating with the fleet management software, where all the data comes together in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

It’s This Simple

1. Quick and easy installation. Your account representative can visit you on site to assist with any setup, but it’s easy enough to manage on your own, even with hundreds of vehicles.

2. Access the online software from anywhere and on any device(mobile, tablet, desktop). It’s simple and intuitive, but support is provided in case you need assistance.

3. You’ll be on your way tracking your fleet, including planning the best routes, ensuring their efficiency and safety, and reaping in the cost and time-saving benefits.

Fleet Management Software:

Monitor and control every aspect of your fleet from the cloud-based fleet management software, accessible from desktop, tablet, or smartphone.
View live maps of drivers and their routes, see trip history reports, communicate with drivers, receive instant alerts, and take advantage of over 30 standard reports or customize your own reports to gain better insights and improve the productivity of your company’s operations. ​

Easy Plug & Play Installation

- Small, light, inconspicuous devices.

- Installed on any vehicle in seconds.

- Exceptionally durable and robust.

- Tamper-resistant features

Vehicle Status and Alerts

- Receive maintenance alerts and engine status updates.

- Be alerted if a vehicle starts moving during off-hours.

- Recover stolen vehicles using the GPS.

Fleet Management Software

- Monitor, manage & control your fleet in real time.

- Reports on driving, efficiency, fuel use & more.

- Route planning: Improve routing and offer better customer service.

Driver Training & Safety

- Promote safer driving, prevent accidents.

- Reduce vehicle wear & tear with more conservative driving.

- Improve their own safety, your liability, and better protect your assets.

Integration & Add-Ons

- Integrate fleet tracking with your existing operational software.

- Fully open-data platform

- Industry-leading marketplace for apps and add-ons.

Temperature Sensing Capabilities

- Regular reporting and early warning systems for temperature tracking.

- Maintain FSMA compliance.

- Collect crucial data for complete temperature reporting.

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