Advanced Personal Car Tracking

Personal Vehicle Tracking

  1. Imagine having your car in your phone and computer
  2. Ever thought there is a solution for someone hi-jacked at gunpoint?
  3. Imagine walking to the parking lot and finding someone trying to ignite your car or driving it away
  4. Would you wish to see photos of the people inside the car and further listen to what they are saying?
  5. Do you find a challenge knowing if and when your car was over-speeding when you have given it to someone?
  6. Would you like to locate each of your cars on your phone and know each of the routes used by the cars?

As reported in The Business Daily of 04/12/2014, page 16 and 17, AfricarTrack is a market leader in this industry. We thrive in quality and continuous improvement. AfricarTrack International offers a personal tracking system specifically designed with individual car owners in mind.


  1. An emergency button- This is a confidential button only disclosed to the driver and placed within his/her reach. In-case the driver is in an emergency like, hi-jacking, car theft, s/he presses the button which then sends an SMS to preferred phone number(s) notifying them that you are in an emergency. It then calls them immediately and they listen to everything unfolding in and around the car.
  2. Stop car via SMS/ Internet in case of theft or emergency – Using your password, send an SMS to the car tracking system, the car the car stops gradually ensuring maximum safety. This feature has reduced car theft unimaginably.
  3. Voice Monitor - We install high receptive micro-phones in the car, sensitive enough to even capture a whisper in the car-boot. Send a Voice Monitor SMS using a password to the system, it calls you back, receive the call and listen to what is unfolding in and around the car.
  4. Cameras- High-tech cameras are installed in the car. They capture photos in the car on request and send them to the owner's phone or computer. You can see the people inside the vehicle(s) from whichever town or country you are at.
  5. On/off SMS- Anytime your car is ignited without your consent, the system sends you an SMS and email notifying you of the same. Taxi owners are able to estimate their revenues via this feature.
  6. Over-speed SMS- Set a preferred speed and anytime your car goes past the speed, you receive a notification SMS. For example, if the preferred speed is 80kph, any time the speed exceeds this limit, a notification is sent via email or SMS. You can still return the speed to the set 80kph via SMS.
  7. Speed SMS- Using a password, you can check the speed of your car anytime.
  8. Vibration SMS- When you leave your car in the parking, any interruption or vibration of your car- the system sends you an SMS. If the vibration persists, the system calls you and activates the Voice Monitor Command so that you can monitor what is happening to your car. So park your in Nairobi, take a plane to Masaai Mara and still know what happens.
  9. Checking car location via SMS- Send Location SMS using your password to the system. You will receives a reply SMS showing the exact location of your car showing the town, street, and whether it’s in motion or immobile.
  10. Movement Alarm SMS – Incase your car is moved some meters away from the parking , the tracking system sends an SMS to your phone notifying you of the movement. It then calls you for voice monitory.
  11. Battery off SMS – In case the car’s battery is disconnected without your consent, the tracker notifies you.

Asset Tracking

AfricarTrack offers a wide range of solutions to assist with asset tracking, monitoring and revenue management. With our range of intelligent asset tracking solutions you are guaranteed an effective way to better manage out-of-sight assets. Our wireless asset tracking solutions enable fleet managers to track equipment, collect usage information, and centrally manage all assets from a single online dashboard. With AfricarTrack Asset Tracking Solutions you can perform the following tracking; cargo tracking, container tracking, fixed plant tracking, refrigeration tracking and many more.