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The New Way to Track monitor Manage your assets

Knowledge is power, and nothing is as useful for businesses as knowing where their vehicles and assets are at all times. Our GPS fleet tracking software provides this and a lot more than location detection.

Why Invest in AfricarTrack’s GPS Fleet Tracking? GPS Fleet Tracking?

We provide our customer with in-depth vehicle and driver behavior data that helps reduce costs by noting unsafe driving, routing and delivery inefficiencies before they become trends or patterns within a fleet. Combined, GPS and vehicle diagnostics enhance operations due to the inflow of performance data day in and day out. All in all, implementing GPS fleet tracking from us as a preventative measure can introduce a variety of never-before-seen benefits, including a massive increase in savings.

Key Benefits from GPS Fleet Tracking Include:

  1. Knowledge of where your vehicles are at all times
  2. Identify where and when inefficiencies occur within a fleet
  3. Efficient routing for faster delivery and response time
  4. Optimized customer service
  5. Better fuel economy
  6. Lower vehicle maintenance
  7. Loss prevention of vehicles and assets

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Core values

Core values