Winners of The Next Big Thing- Douglas and Jacob (AfricarTrack)

Ethiopian President H.E Mulatu Teshome presents COMESA Innovation Awards 2014-2015- First Position to AfricarTrack For having the best system in Africa-

Gari Mkononi

He will not bother you anymore

Amb. Amina Mohamed with Jacob (AfricarTrack) receives the COMESA innovation Award in Addis Ababa for its systems uniqueness

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We are the First Prize Position Winners in the just concluded COMESA Innovation Awards 2014/2015 held in Addis Ababa Ethiopia during the AU Heads of State Summit. The Award was presented to our company by H.E Mulatu Teshome, the President of Ethiopia and signed by H.E Joseph Kabila, the President of Congo, and Mr. Sindiso Ndema Ngwenya, the COMESA Secretary General.

Our vehicle tracking, control and management system was recognized and awarded for being the best and most unique innovation in Africa that guarantees maximum security, bolsters efficiency, effectiveness, cost cutting and saving lives. We provide Advanced Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions to:

  1. Governments
  2. Security Firms
  3. Transport and Logistics Companies
  4. Car-hire and taxis
  5. Individual Car-owners
  6. Schools and institutions of higher learning
  7. County governments
  8. Non-Governmental Organizations
Our award winning ‘Gari Mkononi’ product is now the industry leader and being adopted by thousands.

The Business Daily 04/12/2014 reported our system innovation as being of its own kind and uniqueness in East and Central Africa. Its ability to ensure total tracking, control and management of vehicles was emphasized. We attribute this to our cordial collaboration with our customers.

Gari Mkononi also won the The Next Big Thing held on 28/04/2015.

Our system is the best since:
  1. It enables the car owner to monitor and control their vehicle(s) using their phones from anywhere in the world,
  2. Enable all willing company managers and administrators to monitor and control the company vehicles from anywhere in the world using their phones and tablets
  3. Ensures maximum security for all your cars as you can stop any of them in case it is stolen or is been misused
  4. We are the winners of COMESA Innovation Award 2014/2015 in Addis Ababa (during the Head of States & Governments Summit) for having the most innovative system in Africa,
  5. Our system was published by the Business Daily, December 4th 2014, page 15-16 for its uniqueness.

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